Change-around your life for good!

I’m thrilled to announce that after testing 41 different synonyms for “Add-ons”, we’ve determined that “Change-Arounds” is the winner by an amazing margin of .006%.

WIth “Change” coming to Washington in 2009, we also felt that we could take advantage of the goodwill that this word generates in the hearts and minds of Firefox users everywhere køb cialis.

So rejoice and Change Around your life on the internet with Firefox Change-Arounds!



  1. It’s a pity the localization teams weren’t given advance notice. Now the Vietnamese team is frantically trying to decide between “Phần thay đổi vòng vòng” and “Phần thay quay” (my preference). And in English, “round-downs” or “integrate-intos” or even “apple-πs” would’ve been more intuitive for our typical end users (mathematicians fluent in LaTeX).

    But I think this change is a Good Thing™. “Add”-ons never added to my available disk space.

  2. If this isn’t an April Fool’s joke then this is the stupidest thing Mozilla has done in a long time. The name is just ridiculous. I would love to throw some curse words in the previous sentenace.

    The name sucks badly and will only add to the confusion because most people would still refer to add-ons, extensions, themes and plug-ins.

  3. I’m sorry, but that phrase does not seem to do justice to the extension community. When you think of installing something as a mini application for your browser that adds functionality to your web experience, the term change-around doesn’t come to mind. In fact, I don’t see how that term captures what Firefox addons do at all.

    Hopefully this is an April Fools joke?!

  4. This is obviously an April Fool’s joke, considering how the entire Planet Mozilla didn’t conspire well enough to make it seem real 😛

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