The future of Add-ons

For the company all-hands, I made this presentation about the future of Add-ons for Mozilla.

This was an fun presentation to create and give because I’m incredibly excited about the future of add-ons.  To me, add-ons are the ultimate form of user-generated content, created by a group of users who are more passionate, intelligent, and principled than any user communitv I’ve seen.  It’s an honor to help give them exposure to the massive Mozilla user base.

Many thanks to the entire team (credited in the presentation, and I’m sure I missed some people), and also to Jeff Bonforte, my Keynote muse, who blogs lots of useful and actionable advice on making non-sucky presentations.

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  1. Sweet… Keep it up… I’m especially excited about the means for developers getting contributions for making extensions they enjoy–would love for there to be a way to support my habit… 🙂 (and cool for users). I’d suggest that donors be able to make conditional offers or at least recommend features they want added. Of course, they should know they are not entitled to their feature, but it might encourage more donations if the developer knew which requests were actually “funded”…

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