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    AMO is a Renegade Craft Fair

    Seriously.  Think about this- has over 6,000 add-ons and add-on developers.  Our add-ons are created by large corporations as well as people with day jobs.  Our number 1 add-on was created by a hobbyist in his spare time and has been downloaded 40 million times.  Our add-ons can turn Firefox into a kid-friendly browser or a Twitter application.  Like the Renegade Craft Fair, we’ve got an amazing array of stuff but we fall short in one key way- we’re not as fun.  We want to change that- we want to replicate the excitement of finding the unexpected so that our visitors always something they want, even if it’s not something they expect.  We want to make “serendipitous discovery” the way most people interact with AMO.  Any ideas?


    1. it’d be cool to have a spot where all my friends and i can make little lists of the add-ons we like, in a structured way. clicking “i use this” on the page for an add-on, or something.

      and then i can look at my list and be like “hey sixteen other pals and i use greasemonkey! cool! i should check out what scripts they have favorited!” and “whoa nick uses a weird theme, i’ll check that one out”. and “hmm i need a screengrab add-on, let’s search and find out who among my buddies has a favorite screengrab thingy.”

      and provide button for “install a random add-on from friends without telling me what it is first”. that’s where you get your serendipity! ho ho ho.

      there’s my set of nutty pie-in-the-sky suggestions for the day!

    2. We’re actually doing this! Check out “Rock Your Firefox” on Facebook…

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