Dec 08

First day at the new gig

Today was my first day at Mozilla, where I start my dream job as the new lead for Add-ons.  I’m a huge fan of browser extensions and I’m honored to be one of many at Mozilla who help make the web a better place by promoting openness and innovation on the internet.

Highlights of my day- raiding the kitchen for different kinds of iced tea and riding a rickety electric tricycle at ludicrous speeds after sunset on slippery and cold corporate sidewalks.  Oh- and thinking about the future of Add-ons for my favorite browser, Mozilla Firefox!  I think I’m going to like the new job levitra in australia.

I’m also going to miss the folks at Raptr an awful lot.  I liked the product and loved the people there, and Thresh was a capable and demanding boss who pushed me to do my best in both product management and Starcraft.  He was gracious enough to invite me to the holiday party last week and I’ll always wear my Raptr hoodie with pride.  Most importantly, I know that I’m moving on to new things having left Raptr in better shape than it was in when I arrived there.