I’ll be fine

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I’ve been dealing with some heavy stuff right now.  Over the last few months, I’ve been balancing the excitement and challenge of starting a company with the end of my marriage.  While things have been hard at times, my friends have really stood by and supported me when I’ve been down køb viagra.

I’m really lucky to have the friends that I have, and I know that my future is one of promise and not one of uncertainty.


  1. Man, I was really sorry to hear about that. You were doing awesome when I was out there. I’m really happy that you’re taking charge of things — lesser people would just disintegrate.

    You’re a rockstar, man.

  2. Wally Punsapy

    Sorry to hear, Nick. It saddened me to read this. I’m sure you’re finding your place. Keep on truckin’ hombre. Move forward, carry on.


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