PAMF is awesome.

For the past couple of months I’ve had this annoying wart on my face that wouldn’t go away.  Being impatient, I went to a for-profit clinic in Mountain View where I was promised quick service and an appointment the next day.  The next day comes, and after waiting an hour for a dermatologist, I got a perfunctory examination, doubt regarding whether or not the bump was a pimple or a wart, and a quick spritz with liquid nitrogen.

This didn’t really help, and I really felt like I was just a cash cow for a business.  Disillusioned, I tried a variety of over the counter remedies, and eventually arrived at the conclusion that I would need to see another professional, lest I inadvertently melt a hole in my face.  I booked an appointment with the Palo Alto Medical Foundation with the plea “I will see any available dermatologist!” and got an appointment for a couple weeks later.  I show up for my appointment and got amazing care- not only did I get an explanation for my skin condition, I was presented with a variety of treatment options as well as the pros and cons of each option.  I got a generous spritz of cryo-juice, a prescription for squaric acid (which apparently tricks your immune system into attacking the wart- cool!) and the ugly bumps are all but gone now. I can now go back to the eyebrow threading salon with my head held high.

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