Obrigado Brasil

Mozilla Community at FISL

My 3.5 day whirlwind tour of Brazil is now over, and I found it incredibly enlightening and wonderful in so many ways.  The South American Mozilla community is amazing- their energy and dedication is an enormous testament to the foothold that FOSS has in that region of the world.  People were genuinely excited to learn more about Mozilla and I was honored that so many came to my talk- I hope that those who attended found it useful.  Brazil is a very close #5 in overall traffic and I can easily see them getting to #3 by the end of the year.  I also mentioned Extend Firefox as a way for community members to submit great add-ons and win prizes and recognition for their hard work.

Mozilla is a truly global phenomenon- something I knew before but my visit to Brazil makes it something I feel much more.  I’m proud of how our team has created a site that is localized in dozens of languages and I want to do more to make sure that add-ons are presented in a way that’s specifically engaging to each region of the world.  If you have any ideas- please let me know cialis 20 mg.

Enormous thanks goes to Alix Franquet for making sure this was no meaningless junket- every second of our time was spent engaging with the community- from students to entrepreneurs to companies interested in Mozilla.  A big thanks as well to Bruno Magrani- without whom we would certainly be lost, eating the wrong things, and getting in trouble.  Finally, thanks to everyone who helped us at the booth- in no particular order those would be Felipe, Augusto, Clauber, Andrea, Bruna, the other Felipe, Guillermo, Marcio, Antonio, Mario and anyone else I may have missed.


  1. Am I Felipe or “the other Felipe”?
    It was really nice to meet you!

  2. Was a pleasure to have you here in Brazil. Hope you come back soon!!

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