The new AMO is live!


Lots of late night coding, testing, pondering and pushing has resulted in the birth of a healthy baby-blue AMO!  Lots of people worked hard on this release and I’m incredibly proud of what we launched.

Beauty, in this case, is much more than skin deep as we’ve also released Collections, a new feature that allows our users to share their favorite add-ons with the entire Mozilla community- because you don’t have to be a developer to be a valuable part of our ecosystem.  Next up- add-on contributions and tagging.  This train isn’t stopping anywhere…

A big thanks to the AMO team (you know who you are) and the design team at Clearleft for their hard work køb cialis!


  1. It looks and is, awesome! I love it!

  2. Love the new website Nick, great work from you and the entire team. Go AMO!

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