FLOR tile installed

Assembling an area rug of FLOR tiles

After a year of dusty and cold tile floors, we decided to bring in some much needed warmth to our living/dining area with some area rugs constructed from FLOR tiles. We chose FLOR because we were impressed with our neighbor’s wall-to-wall installation and they were explicitly compatible with the radiant heat in our Eichler.

Happily, FLOR makes it easy in today’s internet age by providing an easy way to order samples online. We ordered 12 samples for $12 and settled on Leaf. The tiles arrived less than a week later and they stick to one another with these stickers that chemically bond to the bottom of the tiles, providing a secure and semi-permanent attachment between tiles køb cialis. One installation tip- be sure to align the arrows on the bottom of the tiles to ensure a seamless appearance.

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