Delicious = new hotness

Even though I’m no longer on the team, I’ll always be a big, big fan of Delicious (with or without dots) and the team.  Seeing that thing launch last week with maximum fanfare and minimum drama was great to see, as that was something that I worked on for most of the last 18 months of my life as a product manager on Delicious.  My friend and fellow ex-Yahoo wrote an excellent post on the topic.

While the new design does take some getting used to, I’m a big fan. Here are some of my favorite features:

  • Contextual search: you can now search any view on the site.  This is easier to do than describe- but as a quick example look at another person’s bookmarks.  Do a search, and you’ll see results from their bookmarks.  If you’re looking at one of their tags, then the results are from that tag on their bookmarks.  Same goes for their network page.  It’s incredibly flexible and great for finding bookmarks from your friends that were previously lost in the mists of the past.
  • Deeper integration with the extension:  With the new Delicious Bookmarks extension for Firefox, the website detects if you have the extension installed and integrates seamlessly with the import settings page.  Simply go to ‘import bookmarks’ on your Settings page and we’ll take care of sending the data along for you- no more creating bookmark files and manually uploading them!
  • Speed:  It’s just way faster than before.  I find myself browsing and searching Delicious a lot more because of the speed.  If you have the extension installed, you’ll notice that we added a handy search plugin for your Firefox and IE search bars.  Try it out!

Anyway, my heartfelt congratulations to the team, I’m pleased as punch that things turned out the way they did.

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